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Class of 1953

Suzanne Dreibelbis    November 2015+  Story date 1952+


I was the new girl at Lakeland High,

New in my senior year.

We moved that August to Florida.

I didn’t want to move.

I had a job and a sort of boyfriend.

I was going to be a class officer

And work on the yearbook staff.


At LHS I tried to get acquainted

With two hundred fifty classmates.

The school library had the previous year annual

I tried to learn all their names.


I was looking today at the Internet

An e-mail came for me.

One of the men in that class

Is now class secretary.


Each month he sends out a birthday list,

And on certain other days

He posts who is sick or asking for prayer

Or sends out an obituary.


This man has made a website

I looked down the list of our class.

I remembered a girl who was nice to me.

I was so pleased to be asked to her house.


I’m eighty years old.  That’s hard to believe.

At least it is hard for me.

I moved far away, and I didn’t keep in touch

Since I graduated long ago.


But in that yearbook I see them.

We all knew which ones were cute.

There were pages and pages that featured

Those called the queens and the stars.


I went to a class reunion

The one held in ‘83.

Some boys who were not much admired

Now were in charge of a company.


It’s interesting to be so old.

I see pictures of some of them now.

The ones we thought were so gorgeous

Look about like the other grandmothers.

Those who thought we looked just ordinary

Look about as good as the rest.


So if you by chance might still be young

Don’t worry about how you look.

We ordinary ones won’t be as sad

When our looks have sagged and bagged.


Then I saw a list of those who have died.

I hardly could believe it.

This one had been a cheerleader.

That one was “likely to succeed.”

I saw the name of a young man

Who took me to a movie at Christmas.

How can they already be dead?

Is life really so very short?


And if life is short, what does that mean?

Do we have time to say “thank you”  

To those who have helped us,

“I was thinking of you” to old friends,

“Let’s get together” to someone new?


It is helpful for us to remember our past,

Especially the times that were good.

We still have time to reach out to others.

There is still a future ahead.



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