Mom and Dad Bevil   Mom and Dad Fallin   Mother and Dale   Pop, Larry, and Dale
Grandaddy, Craig & Michelle   June   June   Helen and Robert
June, Helen and Friends   Pop and Michelle   Pop and Janet   Margie, Bill, & Family
Arthur, Mildred and Family   Estus and Laverne   Bernard and Margaret   Dale, Margie, Larry, and Mildred
Edna and Ray   Staff Sgt Ray Collins   Elizabeth and LB   Dale
Debbie   For Comparison with Above   June, Larry, Craig, Michelle - 1962   Marguerite (Margie)
Matthew with the last LP   On left - Pop, Mildred, Mother, Margie, and Larry   Mother   Big Mama
Margie, Pop, Mother, and Larry   Margie, Mildred and Larry   Larry and Margie   Mildred
Mother   Margie and Larry 1938 Jax Beach   Pop, Margie, Larry, Dale   Pop Fishing
Pop   Pop with his Mother and Brothers Sisters   Mildred   Mildred, Margie, Larry and Mother
Margie, Larry Pop, Dale, and Mother   Pop and Larry with Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Ruby   Larry, Mother, Dale and Margie Watching Parade in Lakeland   Mildred
Mother and Dale   Pop and Larry        


What Cancer Can't Do
Cancer is so limited
It cannot Cripple Love,
It cannot Shatter Hope,
It cannot Corrode Faith,
It cannot Eat Away
It cannot Destroy Confidence,
It cannot Kill Friendship
It cannot Shut Out Memories,
It cannot Silence Courage,
It cannot Reduce Eternal Life,
It cannot Quench The Spirit,
It cannot Lessen The Power of The Resurrection.
'Author Unknown' 

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