Larry & June's Family & Friends Page


Cheryl, Matthew, Wayne, and June   Melina and Richard   Janet, Makayla, and Cheryl
Janet and Michelle   At Larry's 70th Birthday   At Larry's 70th Birthday
Lou, Michelle, and Lou's Mom   Larry, Janet, Makayla, and Cyndi   Melina and Karla
Margie   Jack, Helen, June, & Larry   June, Helen, and Jack
Larry and June   Helen and June at Biltmore   June and Larry at Maggie Valley
Helen and Jack at Maggie Valley   Georgia and June   Larry and Georgia
Preston and Buddy   Hal and Rose   Jerry and Peggy
Eddie and Makayla   Matthew   Cheryl, Matthew, and Cyndi
Makayla   Makayla   Irene, Makayla, Dale, Larry and June
At HC's Funeral   Larry, June, Janet   Eddie, Gail, Jack, and Helen
Larry, June, Joan, Robert, Jack, and Helen   Makayla   Reid
Margie and Bill   Robie and Carol   June, Robie, Carol

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Matthews Party Trip


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