Larry and June's Family and Friends

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Makayla's First Homecoming   Karla and Steve's Wedding Oct 26, 2012   June and Janet Fixin Thanksgiving Dinner 11/12
Karla Helping With Dinner   Steve and Makayla   Makayla
2012 Thanksgiving Dinner   2012 Thanksgiving Dinner   June and the Boys



Michelle and Lou's Family - 2012

  Caylee and Talking Fish Apr 2013   Makayla, Frankie, and Caylee



Melina and Caylee   Melina and Michelle   Caylee and June

Caylee, June and Mickey   June Preparing Ham   Frankie and Michelle
Melina   Janet and Frankie   Melina and Larry
Makayla, Michelle and Janet   Frankie and Makayla   Michelle and Janet
Caylee in White Dress   Karla with 3rd Place Poster Contest Winner 13AO_Poster-Prize-Winners.pdf   Makayla's 15th Birthday
Karla's Church Wedding 08/17/2013   Karla's Church Wedding 08/17/2013   Helen 08/2013
Helen and Jack 08/2013   Lauren 08/2013   June Christmas 2013







  Larry and June   Makayla


June, Janet, Larry   Helen and Jack - 2013   Robert and Joan - 20113
Helen and Lauren - 2013   Steve and Deb   Matt and Brianna
Caylee With Santa   Helen and Jack March 2014   Jack, Helen, June March 2014
Jack, Helen, Larry March 2014   June, Michelle, Melina, Caylee Apr 2014   June, Michelle, Larry, Caylee - Apr.2014
Melina and Greg Rohr   June, Patti, Cyndi   Larry, Terry, Patti, Cyndi
Terry and Patti   Smiling Lily   Larry and June 60th Anniversary Dinner
Thanksgiving 2014   Michelle's Visit April 2015   Michells's Visit April 2015
Kingsport July, 2015   At Kingsport July 2015   Larry's 80th Birthday August 21st, 2015
Larry's 80th Birthday August 21st, 2015   Thanksgiving 2015   Thanksgiving 2015
Thanksgiving 2015        


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