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Karla in Cap and Gown   Michelle and Karla   Michelle, Karla and Melina
June, Karla, and Larry   Karla   RIT Graduation
Karla accepting her Certificate   Caylee   Caylee Posing
Richard   Lou Fixing Dinner   At Karla's Graduation Dinner
Lou and Michelle at the Dinner   Melina and Caylee at the Dinner   Karla and Richard at the Dinner
Larry, Michelle, and June   Larry, Richard, and June   Larry, Michelle, Lou, and June
Richard, Larry, Michelle, June and Karla   Caylee Drawing   Caylee and Karla
Melina, Karla, and Richard   Our Newest Teenager - Makayla   Makayla's Birthday Cake
Janet July 15, 2011   Caylee Apr 2012   Easter Dinner 2012
Easter Dinner 2012 Easter Dinner 2012 Michelle and Cayle Apr 2012
April 2012   April 2012   June and Lily
Frankie and Caylee at Schooners   Sheryl and Janet at Mulberry 6/12   June and Larry at Mulberry 6/12
Mary Lou and Pete at Mulberry 6/12   Jack and Helen at Mulberry 6/12   Makayla and Sheryl at Mulberry 6/12
At Margies Gravesight in Jax 6/12   Scott Viewing Their KOI Pond in Jax   Melina and Frankie 6/12
Frankie, Melina, Caylee 6/12   Caylee and Frankie   Melina and Caylee
Michelle and Karla   Michelle and Lou at Niagara Falls   Makayla 2012
Makayla's First Homecoming   Karla and Steve's Wedding Oct 26, 2012   June and Janet Fixin Thanksgiving Dinner 11/12
Karla Helping With Dinner   Steve and Makayla   Makayla
2012 Thanksgiving Dinner   2012 Thanksgiving Dinnet   June and the Boys

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